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Polaris Greeting Card in green


This card is a 6 inch square design made using 279gsm quality green card and comes complete with a matching envelope.
It features a hand folded white star (design name: Polaris White). The star is held in place by a small glue dot and can be carefully removed to display on your window. This is when you will see the magic of the folded star design come to life!

To create each star I use waxed kite paper and fold each individual piece by hand. This star design has almost 200 individual folds.

This is a wintery, white design but would make a perfect card for other occasions, for example: well done - you're a star! or Birthday - wish on a star message. Inside the card is blank for your own personal greeting or message.

The window star will stir memories when all the other cards have disappeared...

Materials: waxed kite paper, folded card and envelope.
Cost to deliver UK: £2.95

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